pheonix. x3 (jilly03) wrote,
pheonix. x3

thought we'd last forever.

On valentines day kyle and I broke up. Theres a lot to the story but I dunt wanna say it. I would show the convo; but I could save it because I couldn’t see through my tears. Almost two months. I liked him so much; and iswear I could die for the things I thought he’d say. Its been over two days. Two whole days. That night; I’d NEVER cried harder, ask fefe or treenie. I was choking on my tears it was gross eww. All day in school I thought I was gunna get in trouble because the mention of his name and my heart would just break. And for what? .. “family problems” its like shoved it up your ass. No but it’s okay because he “loves me and always will”. Dude. Its like just tell the freaking truth. And I know he doesn’t love me and he wont always either because for some reason, I keep think he likes some one else. And I’ve told my self its not true..but it is, I think. I don’t want us to be over. Im not ready to be over. And im NOT over him. but its too late; because it he “loves me and always will” then we wouldn’t be over would we? Your right we wouldn’t be. but for some reason; i still sit by the phone and wait for him to call. maybe i want him to call because i want so badly for him to ask for me back. maybe its because i dont want to be left here like this. maybe i'm just scared to be with out him; when with him i was so happy..-[[ooh. I like that. can you say new away message?]]- I never realized how much I really liked him.<//3 LoveYou. Pheonixx
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