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((from yesterday --lol))
Hey y`all!! I just got back from the movies with SiLLY& Mom, fun. Omg. the past few days have been really really good!! mmkay, so Saturday I made my confirmation, it was mad boring but after, the party was fun. SiLLY, Sammy, Becca, FiFi, Ant, and CJ came.Fun. it was hilarious. ((omg SiLLY; poop head lmao*)) then that night SiLLY slept over_&we were in so much trouble with my mom, madd funny. But ne way we were online fer a really long time and Kyle immed me & was like, “do you like carl” I said no. then yelled at him because he got me REALLY mad cause he was making up a ton of crap. Oh yea and guess what?!?!? *Eric* asked me out!!!!!!!!! I was sooooo happy. I feel really bad though about mary. I asked her if it was okay a ton of times, but I still feel bad. but yea.*i<3eric!!*


*wow; omg silly; that girl at the movies. gross. he was UGLYYYY!!!!!!!
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