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“he took my hand; [babi don’t let go]

Eww sry I haven’t written in so long; I’ve been busy doing nothing. So last night was the dance – and once again it was boring. The school dances always suck. I must have cried 3 times last night! Im such a baby; but something was wrong with jay + he wouldn’t tell me what it was. Jay and I hugged for the fist time last night; I just thought that was weird because he one of my BEST friends. Then when he seemed better, I was all pissed because my friend alex was wearing kyles hat. Kyle and I have a joke about his hat cuz I got lip gloss on it and I had it for like a month and crap, and I ALWAYS wear it. so-yeah I was all pissed off and crying liss, steph, jules and fifi when kyle came up behind me- and we hadn’t really talked all night and crap and I wasn’t in the mood to talk to him and so I went to turn around and then he was like “wanna dance” and I smiled and said maybe and then he took my hand and it was just so sweet- I think y’all had to be there- I was so happy omg! he was like why were you crying I was like what are you talking about? [lol] so the fist song we ever danced to was true by ryan Cabrera!!! Yay! I love kyle so much*!!

*three days til’ Valentine’s Day!!
*sixx days til’ brEa’s party- I’m gunna talk kyle into going- wish me luck*
*ten days til’ our 2month anniversary
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